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10th-12th Summer School Registration


Summer Information



Are you an incoming 9th grader? If so, click HERE



If you are currently a 10th, 11th, or 12th graders, please continue reading.

Late Registration is NOW OPEN.

Please Click HERE to register for open classes.



Registration will take place ONLINE from March 24th - March 31st.  This process is NOT first come first serve, but all students wanting a summer school class should complete the application during this time period.

Late registration may be available, but will vary based on open classes.  Summer school classes can be taken for Credit/Grade Recovery (original class F/D) or for Original Credit.

Completion of an application does not guarantee placement in a summer school class.  Classes are limited and students in need of credit recovery will have first priority.  Priority will also be given to students closest to their graduation date.  Student course placement can be confirmed in the Aeries Student Portal on April 16, 2021.  

Please be advised that ALL classes will meet virtually.  

Students are encouraged to select classes listed at their school of attendance for next year.  Each school will fill classes with their current students first, then open available space to other district students.  If a class reaches capacity at the home school, but space is available with a different host school, students will be placed at another site for summer classes. 

Session/Semester 1 classes: May 24  - June 10 
Classes meet Monday-Thursday (*Class on May 31 will be replaced with class on June 4 due to Memorial Day)
Class time is 7:30am - 12:50pm

Session/Semester 2 classes: June 14  - July 1 
Classes meet Monday-Thursday
Class time is 7:30am - 12:50pm